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BYRB B: Developed a one of a kind style through his
unique writing & production along with his exceptional
sound which allowed his fans to experience his
passion of overcoming the struggles that were thrown
at him as a child through adulthood. He grew up in the
80’s in the heart of St Louis Missouri. His devotion
to the underdog and the less fortunate can be felt in
his music. He has been able to capture his audience
not only through performances and record sales.
However, his social media numbers along with the
engagement of his fans continue to rise. His music has

been added into rotation on over 20 radio stations internationally, which has
demonstrated his ability to continue making hit after hit. You can hear some of his top
songs like Control, Go Mode and Dinner in several night clubs around the world. Byrd
has been able to prove through his work ethic and determination that you can be
successful as an independent artist without the support of the major record labels. This
has allowed him to create his own record label “Applying Pressure.” A label that is
dedicated to the underdog that never gives up on their dreams.
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